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All Content Is Special Interest Content

We’ve spent some time here encouraging folks to move away from a generalized approach to content and toward niche content.

Jeff Jarvis just wrote a post about the struggles Time Magazine is having with its generalized content approach. Here’s a key snippet:

“I think that general-interest magazines may well be fated to fade away. General-interest anything is probably cursed. For the truth is that interest never was as general as editors and publishers thought it was, back in the mass-media age. Old media just assumed we were interested in what they told us to be interested in. But we weren’t. We’re proving that with every new choice the internet enables.

Yet special-interest magazines — community magazines, to put it another way — have a brighter prospect — if they understand how to enable that community.”

Anyway, it’s a great post. Anyone interested in the future of magazines (or media in general) should read it.