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Link Roundup 4/29/2007

Amazon S3: Show me the money

The CEO of the photo sharing site SmugMug explains how Amazon S3 will save him over $500,000 this year. Amazon and others are in the process of blowing up the hosting business – pay attention to this stuff. Via Echo Ditto.

4 Hour Work Week Blog

Lifehacker style blog from author Tim Ferriss. Twitter and Blackberry addicts aren’t going to like it – Ferriss’ big thing is that we’d be more productive in life and work if we were less connected. He’s right.

Politics is flat

Seth Godin thinks the upcoming Personal Democracy Forum could be a one of those “seminal events that everyone remembers attending years later… even if they didn’t.” We got our tickets on Friday.

ABCNews.com Relaunches with Citizen Journalism

Steve Rubel has the scoop on a new design for ABCNews.com.