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Facebook Platform is a Game Changer

I have a new entry on my list of technologies that will impact the 2008 elections. Facebook Platform.

In a nutshell, Facebook is boldly opening things up, allowing outside developers (like us) to build third party applications right on top of Facebook. Essentially, Facebook is becoming a technology platform, a la Salesforce.

On a mundane level, this will allow developers to do things such as replace the Facebook Photos section with photos from, say, a Flickr account.

On a more substantitive level, Facebook Platform will allow political campaigns and advocacy groups to embed action tools (fundraising, team building, letters to the editor, etc.) and other stuff I can’t even fathom right into Facebook. Check out what Project Agape has done as an example.

Obviously, the devil is in the details. Who has access to this data? How difficult will Facebook’s markup language be to learn? Is it really as open as it sounds? But from where I’m sitting Facebook Platform looks like a game changer. Can’t wait to play.

Update: TechPresident has info on a Facebook application the Obama campaign has already developed.