Chinese Government Sets Up Blogs for Lawmakers

In an effort to boost relevance and public interest, the Chinese government is setting up blogs for members of its figurehead Parliament and companion advisory board. Seems to me that ghost written and heavily censored blogs are going to make the government look more out of touch, not less.

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Microsoft Responds to Blogger’s Computer Troubles

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Last summer, prominent blogger Jeff Jarvis used his site to complain about his buggy Dell computer and Dell’s subsequent unwillingness to live up to the terms of their warranty.  Jarvis’ posts led others to come forward with their own problems with Dell, and ultimately a sort of grassroots movement against Dell formed. ...

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Visit Newsvine Now

In Gary’s post about “The Wisdom of Crowds” he referenced Newsvine, a social news site that was in private Beta mode at the time. Well, it went live Thursday and it looks very promising.

The site’s news is fueled by wire feeds such as AP, but also allows users to “seed”...

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A Real Science Behind PR. Really.

I’ve been around PR a bit. Saw how to use focus groups and surveys to come up with messages, and ways to frame/talk about them.  Learned how direct mail could drive results depending on presentation, and how advertising, especially political, could set an agenda.  I marvelled at the intuition of the best PR pros. ...

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Obituary for the Press Release?

Here’s a funny call to arms, by Tom Foremski at SiliconValleyWatcher, to kill the press release as we know it. However, press releases wont be extinct any time soon, especially with all the websites and RSS feeds willing to post and send them verbatim. So expect to see even more bad releases....

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