NBC Plays Hard to Get

NBC has gotten all lawyered up against YouTube and similar sites that have posted video clips from shows the network airs. The basis for legal action is copyright infringement, which NBC began pursuing shortly after it released the Saturday Night Live digital short film Lazy Sunday (first as a free “gift”...

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Email Correspondence Between Wal-Mart PR Firm and Blogger

One of the bloggers Wal-Mart was wooing as part of their blogger outreach program has posted a PDF of his email correspendence with Wal-Mart’s public relations firm, Edelman. Its an interesting read and gives you an unfiltered picture of what Wal-Mart was up to....

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Political Killer App? The Telephone.

The Hotline has a story about using the telephone to replace town hall meeting and focus groups. The system rings up voters, and asks if they’d like to participate in the politician’s “Tele-Town” hall. The politician talks, listeners ask questions, and the politician can even poll the listeners on whatever issue he or she may want....

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Blogging TV, Country Style

At TBG, we’re doing a detailed look at how ‘wired’ — RSS, commenting, podcasting, etc. — the major newspapers, TV and radio stations are. To see how those that have taken the plunge are doing against those that remain islands unto themsleves. One interesting and pioneering example of going blogging is WKRN-TV in Nashville,...

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NYT: Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers as part of PR Campaign

Very interesting New York Times article that provides insight into Wal-Mart’s use of blogs and bloggers to combat its negative public image. The gist of the story is that Wal-Mart’s PR firm of record, Edelman, has been sending out talking points to pro Wal-Mart bloggers via email. A few of the bloggers then posted excerpts of the emails without disclosing where they came from....

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