If you have not read the background to this study, please read this post before going any further.

The first aspect that I wanted to analyze was the sheer amount of applications contained within profiles.  To make the count simpler, I narrowed the selections down to five categories: 0, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9+.  Only 3rd-party (i.e. not official) applications were counted.  Of the 300 profiles researched, 64 contained 0 applications, 84 contained 1 or 2 applications, and 84 contained 3, 4, or 5 applications.  On the higher side, 41 profiles contained 6, 7, or 8 applications, and 27 contained 9 or more.  Below is a pie chart with a summary of the collected information.


The application interfaces appear within the profile itself, based on where the user would like them to appear, and also as a small icon directly under the profile picture.  Below is an example of what could be found under profile picture, if the user had many many many applications.

Applications on Left

The second usage category that I analyzed concerned the type of applications that each user employed.  Of the applications used, which type was most prevalent in their profile?  I divided the types of applications into four categories, based on my own observations.  The categories under which the applications could fall were Extended Use, Online Games, Hug Applications, and Outside Applications.  Applications under Extended Use expand the usability of the standard applications, like the Super Wall.  Online Games, such as Scrabulous, give users the ability to play turn-based games with other users.  Hug Applications grant the user the ability to send more personal messages and ‘gifts' to other users.  Finally, Outside Applications promote an outside media, such as a charity, television show, or computer program like Skype. 

124 users had applications for Extended Use, a clear majority over the other categories separately.  21 users had applications mostly for Online Games, with these mostly being very popular ones like Scrabulous and Jet Man.  59 users mostly have Hug Applications; 32 mostly have Outside Applications; and 64 have no applications whatsoever.  It's worth noting that eight of the ‘Top Ten' applications fall under the category of either Extended Use or Hug Applications.  Not a single one of the Top Ten is an Outside Application.  Below is a graphical interpretation of this data.


Part 3 of the study to come shortly.  Check back soon.