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Portrait of Snapchat as a Profitable Business: How Snapchat Shook Stigmas and Molded a Competitive Business Model

At first glance, Snapchat seemed like a one-off novelty app. The self-destructing image-sharing app was cheeky, secretive, and short-form, not to mention convenient for teens looking for a new way to message their friends and migrate from overpopulated Facebook profiles. Regardless of it’s snowballing popularity, tech analysts and users alike never truly considered Snapchat as a competitive social network....

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What is a Google Grant and how can you make it work for your non-profit?

AdWords is Google’s main source of revenue and a huge percentage of the roughly $50 billion Google earned in advertising in 2013. If I use Google to find reputable charities fighting poverty in San Francisco, my first result will likely be an ad that looks like this:

If you are a non-profit,...

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10 Best Sports Teams Websites

It’s no secret that sports are all about competition. Teams train day and night just to gain a competitive edge. In recent decades, the competitive nature of sports has transitioned to the Internet, giving more access to the most important team player, the fan.

Now with the Internet,...

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5 Must-Know Google Analytics Tips

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows organizations to measure the performance of their websites and gauge the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. While the basic Google Analytics capabilities of tracking visitors and pageviews are generally understood, there are other more advanced techniques worth implementing that allow for webmasters to better understand their audience and evaluate how effective a digital strategy is at reaching them....

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Fall Internship at The Brick Factory

We are looking for an intern to join our team for the Fall. The job description is below as well as instructions for how to apply. We’d love to hear from you!

Fall Internship at Brick Factory

The Brick Factory plans and executes world-class digital campaigns for non-profits,...

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