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RSS and Ajax about to go Mainstream

According to new Microsoft employee Niall Kennedy, Microsoft’s Ajaxy new website,, will serve as the default homepage for users of Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista operating system. Kennedy says that hundreds of millions of computer users around the world will visit when they load up their new version of IE for the first time....

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Traffic Wars: Daily Kos Vs. Instapundit

I haven’t gotten around to reading Crashing the Gate yet, which is the new book by prominent liberal bloggers Marko Moulitsas (Daily Kos) and Jerome Armstrong (MyDD). But I did check out an extended review in the New York Review of Books. It looks like a good read. However, this quote from the review really jumped out at me:...

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Blogging for AIDS Education

The Committee to Protect Bloggers has launched an interesting project called Blogswana aimed at helping educate folks about the AIDS epidemic in Botswana. The concept is to have twenty university students at a major Botswanan university become partners with citizens whose lives have been touched by the AIDS epidemic. The students would interview their partners once a month and start a blog on their behalf,...

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Online Video Memes: Back to the Future

So online videos are all the rage. The Washington Post has a story about their use in politics. Lots of other media outlets have stories about the trend. The growth is driven by the introduction of inexpensive digital video cameras, the adoption of broadband and the launch of free video hosting services like Youtube and Google Videos....

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Meme Tracking Hits the Sports Market

A few weeks ago Sports Illustrated published an expansive feature article (subscription required) about how citizen sportswriters are changing sports journalistm. Obsessive and often posting about events in real time, these sports bloggers are spreading rumors, arguing and just generally feeding their sports addictions 365/24/7. Sometimes they even break stories....

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