Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future: A Conference put on by Future Tense

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a conference titled "Here Be Dragons: Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future." It was put together by the Future Tense, a partnership of the New America Foundation, Slate, and Arizona State University.  The speakers and panels focused on how innovations within synthetic biology and the internet are helping shape US public policy and regulation of the private sector....

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The 7th Annual State of the Net Conference – A look at social media

I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 iteration of the State of the Net Conference hosted by the advisory committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus.  The event was focused on the political and social ramifications of the technological changes amongst Americans. The panels and speakers discussed privacy/security,...

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FedTalks 2010 Conference – A Look Inside

Bringing together members of the government  as well as representatives from the technology and communications industries, this past Tuesday’s FedTalks 2010 conference in Washington D.C. was a success both on-line and offline.

If you didn’t catch our live tweeting the event from @bivings, check out the latest instance of Slurp140 we created specifically for Fedtalks 2010!...

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2010 AMP Summit: From the attendee perspective

If my own and the @bivings tweets hasn’t already tipped you off, I was fortunate to spend last Friday and Saturday at the inaugural AMP Summit. Organized by our friends at the David All Group and a distinguished leadership committee including Joe Trippi, Jerome Armstrong, Robert Bluey, Peter Corbett, Peter Greenberger,...

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