Using Crowdsourcing to Get Out the Vote

Crowdsourcing has been all the rage in the tech community the last few months. The term was coined in a June 2006 Wired Magazine article and describes a circumstance where “volunteers and/or low-paid amateurs use their spare time to create content, solve problems or even do corporate R&D.”

Following are some notable examples companies using crowdsourcing:

  • Google Image Labeler allows users to help Google improve their image search results by labeling pictures with appropriate tags.
  • ...
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Could Political Google Bombs Work?

There has been a lot of buzz about using Google Bombs to disseminate negative articles in political races (such as this recent article on MSNBC’s site and this one on the New York Times site), and we even wrote about it briefly here yesterday. While I agree with my colleague,...

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Will “Google Bombs” Impact the 2006 Elections?

MSNBC has a story today about the efforts of liberal and conservative bloggers to articially raise the search ranks of negative articles about candidates they oppose. 

The idea is that if I search for "George Allen" on Google, the liberal bloggers want the macaca video to show up high in the results. ...

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Just How Bad Is Click Fraud?

A $500 million to $1 billion problem, depending on whom you ask.

In a front page article in The Washington Post, 'Click Fraud' Threatens Foundation of Web Ad, staff writer Sara Kehaulani Goo discusses the mechanics of click fraud, the new forms of click fraud — the fast growing "pay to read"...

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Reviewing the Flash Players of Major Video Sites

Update: The folks at Blip Tv contacted me and corrected my statement that YouTube was the first company to allow bloggers to imbed third party video content on their own sites. Blip TV launched that feature one month before YouTube. My original post follows.

As far as I know,...

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