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So How Did They Decide to Allocate the Recovery Funds to the States?

 This post is a bit different from the usual on The Bivings Report.  But I’m a big believer in transparency in government, and watch with interest what ProPublica, a new non-profit investigative newsroom, is up to.  It’s an important experiment in contemporary journalism.  ProPublica has been keeping tabs on the stimulus funds;...

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New Pushes Multi-Platform Business Model

A shiny new revealed itself Monday with a simpler homepage design packed with multimedia features and customizable choices.

Like most major media websites still afloat, aims to keep radio content its core but offer up multi-platform, all-purpose news.

The new site is a major improvement to its tightly-fonted,...

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PdF ’09 attendees discuss the role of citizen journalism and hyper-local politics

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Putting a Price on Experience

Those of us familiar with rat race involved in nabbing a coveted internship at a well-known news organization know all too well the pressure of stacking your best clips, skills and assets against a sea of competitors.

Those who do get through are usually more than grateful to be working for that news organization for free,...

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Pew’s New Media Index Tracks Disparities in Coverage

The week of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism launched its New Media Index.

The NMI is a partner project to its News Coverage Index, which tracks the top five stories across traditional, U.S., print-based media on a week-to-week basis.

The NMI was designed to combat criticism that monitoring traditional media sources only is missing the boat....

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