Journalism that Matters

The Newseum and New Media

Today the Newseum , Washington's museum about the news, is officially opening to the public. 

I was able to visit the museum a few weeks ago since a friend of mine is a volunteer there, and many things interested me about it.  One of the most prominent thoughts that I walked away with was although the museum mainly focuses on newspapers and TV news,...

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“Ted”: Not Just the Name of that Dumb Guy in Your History Class

"Ideas worth spreading" is the motto of a growing annual convention that is held in Monterey, California.  The Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference covers a wide range of topics, from science to the arts, and nearly everything in between.  My fraternity brother, Chris, recently made me aware of this conference,...

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EveryBlock – Database Driven Hyperlocal News

In the past we have praised those like Adrian Holovaty who use databases for news reporting.  Holovaty left his job at The Washington Post several months ago to work on a hyperlocal site called EveryBlock. 

It launched several days ago with database driven hyperlocal news and information reporting for Chicago,...

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Networking for Wired Journalists

I learned about an interesting social network the other day that will interest Bivings Report readers who follow how news is reported on the Internet; it is for tech savvy journalists who want to improve their general reporting skills and better contribute to the field — even if they have few resources....

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Hyperlocal Newspaper Sites Can Work

The desire to cover local communities is nothing new to newspapers.  However, it is hard for a paper that covers a large area to focus on events that are happening in all neighborhoods in the circulation area.  Time, page space, and budgets all constrain such coverage, but some papers are finding ways to cover hyperlocal news....

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