Journalism that Matters

Culture Still Haunts Online Journalists

My friend Kevin Anderson, an online journalist, wrote an interesting post titled "What is an online journalist?" yesterday on his blog Strange Attractor.

The gist of the post focuses on how it is still common in contemporary journalistic culture to feel that the Internet is not a medium suited for unique quality news reporting and analysis. ...

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Old Media Buying Model Insufficient to Spawn New Media Success

Last week The New York Time purchased [clarification: the paper is, as Jeff Jarvis notes, "hosting it, selling ads on it, promoting it, but not buying it or hiring its creators"] the sometimes irreverent Freakonomics blog run by University of Chicago economist Dr. Steven Levitt and writer Stephen Dubner. Clearly the newspaper saw that this informative blog had a community worth transplanting to its web site....

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Excitement at Journalism That Matters

Like Erin, I enjoyed attending the Journalism That Matters conference this week.  Although a panel discussion that concluded with a bleak prognosis for the current mainstream news media business model kicked off the event, the dreariness only surrounded the business model, not the craft of journalism.

However, many veteran journalists felt threatened by the conference's tone towards traditional journalism as it focused on "citizen journalism's"...

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Journalism that Matters: The DC Sessions

Steve Petersen and I just spent the last two days at a conference here in DC called Journalism that Matters.  I went with the intention of figuring out what the business plan will be for newspapers as we move deeper into the digital era.  I didn't quite figure this out,...

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