Personal Democracy Forum

Top Trends from #pdf09 in the News and On Twitter

News and Blogs Versus Twitter at PDF09

Chuck Fitzpatrick from our ImpactWatch team has a great post up analyzing which themes and speakers from the 2009 Personal Democracy Forum got the most traction on Twitter and in the traditional media and blogs.  Folks on Twitter were most excited about talks by danah boyd,...

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Analysis of Top Themes at PDF 2009

PdF09 Twitters From the White House to White Flight: Whatever

A great analysis of the trends and topics that got the most buzz at the 2009 Personal Democracy Forum.  The data behind the analysis was pulled from our tool, Twitterslurp....

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The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube Culture and the Politics of Authententicity

Here is video of Kansas State Anthropology Professor Michael Wesch’s great talk at the 2009 Personal Democracy Forum.  The talk is called The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube Culture and the Politics of Authenticity, and is a shorter, more politically focused version of the longer Wesch video I posted a few days back. ...

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Commenting on a Conference? Blog it? No, YouTube it.

I spent some time today going through a random selection of the videos of presentations, tweets and blog commentary about the Personal Democracy Forum conference held last week in New York City.  Sort of goes from the insightful to the inane to the downright snarky.  Kind of expected.  But then I happen upon a little nugget,...

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Michael Wesch on the Anthropology of YouTube

Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University, gave an extremely well received talk at the recent Personal Democracy Forum.  High quality video of his PDF 2009 talk is not yet available, but below is a longer talk he gave to the Library of Congress entitled “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube.” ...

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