Personal Democracy Forum

Lauer, Zeigler discuss building an online movement with The Pickens Plan

Watch the introductions for The Pickens Plan’s Heather Lauer and The Bivings Group’s Todd Zeigler during their panel discussion at the Personal Democracy Forum conference this week....

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Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia all Over 100 Million Strong – What Now for Online Communities?

Guest post by Alan Haburchak

The morning of day two here at the Personal Democracy Forum conference was all about online communities, what they mean, how they can be used and what they say about culture and global culture and society today. Randi Zuckerberg (the other Zuckerberg), Facebook's head of marketing was up first and talked a little bit about how communities have arisen on on Facebook that have lead to real-life movements like the anti-farc protests that occurred in Colombia last year....

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Catch us at Personal Democracy Forum #pdf2009

If you will be in NYC Monday and Tuesday for the Personal Democracy Forum, be sure to stop by our lounge in the sponsor area and to check out our panel at 3:45 on Tuesday, “Beyond How Social Action Networks Are Changing Politics.”  If you aren’t able to attend,...

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Announcing Twitterslurp for Personal Democracy Forum (#pdf09)

Anyone that has been to a tech conference the last few years knows that there is a huge amount of back channel communication that occurs on Twitter.   People provide live coverage of the talks they go to.  People organize dinner plans.  People stage revolts against panelists.  The conversation is constant,...

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How the Pickens Plan Recruited 1.5 Million Volunteers in Nine Months

Along with Heather Lauer of Tribe Effect, I will be participating in a Personal Democracy Forum conference call this Thursday (May 28) from 1-2 pm EST on the topic of “How the Pickens Plan Recruited 1.5 Million Volunteers in Nine Months.”  The call is open to all members of the PDF Network,...

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