Roger Clemens Denies Steroid Allegations on YouTube

Baseball player Roger Clemens was accused of using steroids in the Mitchell Report, which was released a few weeks ago.  Since the report came out, Clemens has been silent, letting his lawyer do his talking for him.

In a sign of the times, today Clemens spoke about the allegations for the first time in a video posted to his website and to YouTube. ...

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Measuring Dell Hells

ImpactWatch is one of our main products. It is a PR measurement tool that our clients use for mainstream media coverage, but blogosphere measurement is harder to assess since readership and authority aren’t easily quantifiable.

Companies simply lack the resources to closely monitor all that is said about them,...

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Team Building Videos: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When I was in traditional PR one of the activities I always thought was a waste of time and money was the creation of internal, morale boosting videos.  Basically, the idea is to make this “cool” video to get everyone fired up at some big event, nevermind the other 364 days in the year. ...

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New ImpactWatch Feature: My Stuff

My Stuff is a new ImpactWatch™ feature that enables individual users to save stories in the system that are pertinent to them.  To do this each story is listed with an icon that saves the item in a place where they collect articles.  Further, it uses AJAX so that saving items is a smooth process that doesn't involve multiple web pages....

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When Customers Attack

In the past when a company goofed up with a patron, the snafu remained relatively unknown. The customer likely was disgruntled and either never turned to the company again with their business or thought hard before doing so. Very few people initiated a vicious word of mouth campaign since they have plenty of other things to do besides dissing a company....

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