Yobongo and Viral Nature of Beta Invites

As part of the launch process, new tech startups typically run a closed beta testing phase where a limited group of users can kick the tires of their new site.   This period allows for startups to get discreet feedback from impartial users, while also testing how the product scales without launching to the whole world.  ...

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The Curse of WYSIWYG Editors

WYSIWYG editors sometimes make me want to scream!

For instance, it is sometimes hard to make desired edits.  I can never get them to do a simple line break, for example; whenever I try, a new paragraph begins.  To create a line break, I go into the html and adjust the code. ...

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Optimizing Your Web Program with A/B Testing

A big message we try to deliver to our clients is that the launch of your new website is the beginning of the project, not the end.  Your web program is an ongoing campaign, not a finite process like the production of a print brochure.  For your web program to reach its potential,...

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Bivings Debate: Is GoogleTV Great? Here’s Why

(this is part 1 of a 2 part BivingsReport Debate on the merits of Google TV)

Argument #1: The new tv platform from Google has the power to legitimately revolutionize the way we watch TV. Unlike AppleTV, Google and its platforms have effectively permeated most facets of technological life in this country....

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Data Visualization in the Developing World: How One Company is Helping Change the face of Online Maps

On September 22nd, I attended a meetup hosted by DC Media Makers featuring DevelopmentSeed – a firm specializing in open source data visualization and map development.  Over the course of the last several years, this company has created custom maps detailing election fraud and corruption in Afghanistan as well as the post-Earthquake aid work going on in Haiti by 47 different non-profits....

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