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Turning Customers into Brand Advocates

Building a great company isn’t just about making great products. It is about working to make every interaction with a customer a positive experience. From  marketing emails to the in-store experience to websites to 1-800 numbers to Facebook, there are more ways than ever for customers to connect with companies....

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Why Social Media Innovation Hasn’t Hit a Plateau

I just finished reading this Mashable OP-ED about social media innovation hitting a plateau – and while  the author makes some good points, overall I’m pretty disappointed with the conclusion.

Sure, just like any industry, innovation is hard to come by – but to say its hit a plateau is a bit much....

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Yobongo and Viral Nature of Beta Invites

As part of the launch process, new tech startups typically run a closed beta testing phase where a limited group of users can kick the tires of their new site.   This period allows for startups to get discreet feedback from impartial users, while also testing how the product scales without launching to the whole world.  ...

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Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future: A Conference put on by Future Tense

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a conference titled "Here Be Dragons: Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future." It was put together by the Future Tense, a partnership of the New America Foundation, Slate, and Arizona State University.  The speakers and panels focused on how innovations within synthetic biology and the internet are helping shape US public policy and regulation of the private sector....

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Wikipedia is Broadening What is Fit to Print

Happy belated 10th birthday, Wikipedia! I hope that January 15 was wonderful for you.

Many social commentators are critical of Wikipedia for its democratic editorial policy that enables virtually anyone to edit any article most of the time, but to these critics’ chagrin, the wiki is accurate at least on some things as I’ve noted about health topics. ...

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