Obituary for the Press Release?

Here’s a funny call to arms, by Tom Foremski at SiliconValleyWatcher, to kill the press release as we know it. However, press releases wont be extinct any time soon, especially with all the websites and RSS feeds willing to post and send them verbatim. So expect to see even more bad releases....

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PR Firms that Blog: Take 2

Update: We have added a page to our Wiki that serves as a running list of PR firms that blog.  If you aren't listed, please feel free to edit the Wiki and add yourself.  Original post follows.

In a story I posted a few days ago, I found that 4 of the 18 largest PR firms had official corporate blogs (Burson Marstellar,...

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WP: Spotting Trends in Blog Buzz

Blog buzz makes the front page of The Washington Post. (registration required.) Article talks about ConAgra Foods and H-P monitoring blogs for emerging trends in comsumer attitudes. Piece features the blog monitoring company Nielsen BuzzMetrics, formed last week by the merger of Intelliseek and BuzzMetrics....

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The Limitations of Tracking Blog Buzz

I was vaguely interested in how much online buzz was being generated about Microsoft’s Origami Project, so I spent a few minutes on using their blog trends tool. Here’s what the trend line for mentions of the word “origami” looks like over the last month:

The chart tells me what I already knew –...

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Not What the Ad Man Had in Mind.

Check out this ad for the new AT&T. It got placed above a story entitled “Telecoms let NSA spy on calls,” that reports on the agency using AT&T and other telcoms to help with domestic eavesdropping!...

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