Feingold clicks with blog fans

There is an interesting article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Presidential hopeful Russ Feingold’s (D-WI) popularity in the blogosphere. Excerpts are below:

On His Popularity:

“In an online poll last month on the nation’s most widely read liberal blog (DailyKos. com), Feingold led the Democratic presidential field,...

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Do PR firms blog? Not so much

Update: We have added a page to our Wiki that serves as a running list of PR firms that blog.  If you aren't listed, please feel free to edit the Wiki and add yourself.  Original post follows.

For years I've watched some of the best, brightest and biggest PR firms in the world get the web wrong....

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“Wisdom of Crowds” (cont’d.)

In a recent post, I breifly mention the notion of a smart crowd. I started to talk about this in the context of Web 2.0, the term coined in large part by Tim O’Reilly. He identifies a number of principles to help explain what this is. Omitting the more programming specific,...

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What is the Origami Project?

Microsoft has launched a teaser website promoting the release of something called the Origami Project on March 2nd. There is ongoing speculation on some well read blogs about what exactly The Origami Project is. Engadget actually dug up pictures revealing it to be a personal device. My two cents: the “Touch Me”...

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Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Single touch screen displays are pretty common at museums, airports, bookstores, etc. But the technology hasn’t been there for the kind of multi-touch interfaces hinted at in movies like Minority Report. Researchers at New York University are working on it and have a great video demonstrating what’s possible....

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