SEO vs. Sponsored Listings

Search engine marketing can be broadly divided into two main categories – search engine optimization and paid search placements. Both methods have a place in a company’s overall online marketing strategy, but one or the other may be more suitable for a particular situation. Each also has its own unique set of costs,...

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Wi-Fi For All

The proliferation of open Wi-Fi networks has reached a point where high speed Internet access is free to anyone with a Wi-Fi card in many downtowns, villages, shopping centers, apartment complexes, etc. throughout the country. These networks are being hosted by individuals, cafes, restaurants, schools, corporations, and even local governments....

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Mobile Marketing

PDA phones, be they Blackberries, or Windows or Palm based, are becoming more and more prevalent every day. As our lives become more hectic, and small electronic devices continue to merge into single multifunctional tools like PDA phones, people are learning how to use such devices to make their lives easier at work,...

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The Podcasting Phenomenon

Podcasting is a new method for publishing audio files on the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed in order to receive new files automatically. Instead of reading the content on a computer screen, Podcasting enables users to listen to it on any portable audio device (i.e. an iPod or another type of MP3 player)....

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Branding With Ringtones

Cell phones have become an integral part of most people’s daily lives. In fact, it is such a part of my life that if I happen to forget it at home or in my car, or worse yet I forgot to charge it and my battery goes dead, I freak out because I feel like a major life function has been snatched away from me....

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