Saving Face on the Internet

Now that the Memorial Day weekend is behind us, the election year mudslinging will undoubtedly begin to ramp up. For me, this is always an amusing and disheartening phenomenon of political life in the United States – judging the worthiness of an individual based on either juicy speculation or on the defamation of the rival’s character....

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Are We Seeing an e-Renaissance?

Online ad spending is on the rise and inventories are growing tighter. Click-through rates on online ads are improving. At-home and at-work broadband connections continue to proliferate, and rich media ads are becoming more complex and effective. Even highly hyped IPOs are back in the news with Google’s foray into the world of publicly traded companies....

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Gmail: Hotmail’s Obese Cousin

Even the initial forays into brainstorming for this article were full of irony, since I must admit to hearing about Google’s new Gmail free e-mail service through Google News and following up on my curiosity by doing a few searches on their site. How readily we become accustomed to simple tools,...

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Building More Than Just a Web Site

Building an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed site that provides excellent, easy to access content and even robust e-commerce functionality may no longer be enough for companies that want to fully capitalize on the power of the Web. Today, many world-class companies are trying to utilize their Web sites to create virtual communities of loyal customers,...

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Revolutionizing Political Campaigns

As the 2004 Federal elections begin to take shape, the role of the Internet in modern political campaigns has garnered significant media attention. While the focus has remained primarily on the national scene, the local and state levels are also experiencing a technological revolution. At the forefront of this metamorphosis is a new,...

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