So Where Are All The Corporate Bloggers?

So how many corporation actually have a blog? There doesn’t seem to be any handy directory to answer this question. There is a blog, however, that tracks blogs for the Fortune 500. You can find it here. What’s interesting is how few large companies actually have at least one blog....

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Search Engine Monopoly

Sit down and think about the Internet for a moment. Name the top five sites that you visit most often. Now, make a new list, this time of your five favorite websites. For each item in each list describe the reason either why you visit this site so frequently or why it is your favorite....

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Search Still Tops The List

It is no secret that Web search results, be they generated from a search engine’s index or be they paid placements, are remarkably effective at driving qualified traffic to a Web site. Since the first search engines appeared, marketers realized this fact and have sought ways to optimize their sites to appear at the top of certain search results pages or to buy their way there....

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SEO vs. Sponsored Listings

Search engine marketing can be broadly divided into two main categories – search engine optimization and paid search placements. Both methods have a place in a company’s overall online marketing strategy, but one or the other may be more suitable for a particular situation. Each also has its own unique set of costs,...

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Wi-Fi For All

The proliferation of open Wi-Fi networks has reached a point where high speed Internet access is free to anyone with a Wi-Fi card in many downtowns, villages, shopping centers, apartment complexes, etc. throughout the country. These networks are being hosted by individuals, cafes, restaurants, schools, corporations, and even local governments....

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