“The Wisdom of Crowds”

This book by James Surowiecki shows how, under the right curcumstances, crowds can make better decisions than individuals, and individual experts. I want to spend the next few posts talking about his insights in the context of Web 2.0 and the media.

Talking about smart crowds, Surowiecki, means an assembly of people that meets four critieria: 1) it needs to be diverse,...

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Blogging for DVD Sales

I wanted to share with you the article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the DVD shop who’s been able to double its sales with a blog. You can find it here....

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A Million Little Bytes

The Blogosphere Strikes Again. This time taking down a best-selling author.

The non-fiction book “A Million Little Pieces,” by the memoirist James Frey is the latest victim — this time of The Smoking Gun website. Published in 2003, the book is a memoir chronicling Frey’s life: his plunge into alcoholism,...

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So Where Are All The Corporate Bloggers?

So how many corporation actually have a blog? There doesn’t seem to be any handy directory to answer this question. There is a blog, however, that tracks blogs for the Fortune 500. You can find it here. What’s interesting is how few large companies actually have at least one blog....

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Search Engine Monopoly

Sit down and think about the Internet for a moment. Name the top five sites that you visit most often. Now, make a new list, this time of your five favorite websites. For each item in each list describe the reason either why you visit this site so frequently or why it is your favorite....

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