Ouch, That Spam Hurts

Disclaimer: This piece was written for entertainment purposes only. It is satirical in nature, and although some of the names, places, and facts included herein are real, the statements attributed to these individuals are not real nor is there an actual condition know as Spam-Introduced Self-Hatred (SISH).

While the world focuses on SARS,...

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Time is On My Side

Who would have guessed that the Rolling Stones knew so much about brand marketing – “You always say that you want to be free, but you always keep running back to me… I got the real love – the kind that you need.” As the interactive marketing industry increasingly points to the branding power of the Internet,...

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War Blogging

Even with the war rapidly moving towards conclusion (militarily), people from around the world are still debating many aspects of the conflict. One increasingly popular way for people to air their thoughts on the war is blogging. These online journals are being used to disseminate news, insight and personal perspectives on many issues surrounding the war....

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Forbes Gets Farked? ESPN States the Obvious!

Every single site on the Internet seems to be running an online poll these days. Read a story online and you will probably be asked to cast some sort of inane vote about the content of the story you just read. “Do you think Saddam Hussein sleeps in full military dress?”...

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Towards the High Road in Internet Marketing

“John Anderton! You could use a Guinness right about now.”

Personally addressed holographic advertising in public spaces, viewable only by the recipient – such is the future of advertising according to last year’s science fiction blockbuster, Minority Report. Minority Report explores the issues of predestination and free will,...

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