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Web 2.0 Year-End Recap- Part 2

6. Google / Bing Searches vs. Facebook Recommendations

As evidenced by the posting on Business Insider, “8 Charts That Show Why Facebook is worth $50 Billion,” rather than turning to a search engine, many of Facebook’s 500 million plus users are now visiting 3rd party sites based on the recommendation of friends and organizations they ‘like.’ ...

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Web 2.0 Year-End Recap – Part 1

2010 has been a big year for tech innovation and the social media world. Facebook hit 500 million users, and the midterm elections meant that our elected officials were tweeting en masse. This is part one of a two-part Bivings Report end-of-the-year recap of the top 10 biggest trends in web 2.0 in the last year....

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“Politics Get Social” – A Social Media Club DC Event

This past Wednesday, we attended another excellent event organized by the Social Media Club DC (SMCDC), about the state of social media use in elections. As a topic that The Bivings Report has touched upon many times in the past several months, we were excited to hear the perspectives of political operatives,...

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Get-Out-The-Visualizations! Social Media & Election Day

Besides Slurp140, here are a few of our favorite tools for following the election via social media that have recently come to our attention. Is there a website or tool you recommend?  Let us know!

 New York Times: The Election Will Be Tweeted (and Retweeted)

Although it is difficult to follow or discern the content of the incoming tweets,...

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Check Out the Newest Way to Check In

Far and away the largest presence in the current social media market, Facebook has decided to place it’s sizable hand into the growing area of location-based social media. 

With a thoroughly-blogged-and-tweeted press conference yesterday at their Palo Alto headquarters, Facebook unleashed the newest addition to their social media arsenal,...

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