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Surviving Mobilegeddon: What you need to know about Google’s New Algorithm

A few weeks ago, Google announced a major change to its algorithm that will favor mobile-friendly websites in search results on mobile devices. Maybe you heard the word “mobilegeddon” buzzing around?  Google says this change will make it easier to get “relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices” when searching from a smartphone or tablet....

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Phones Smart Enough To Give Back: Mobile Micro-Volunteering

Earlier this week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt's personal seed fund TomorrowVentures was part of a $3.35 million round of financing for mobile-gifting startup Giiv. Through Giiv, you can gift directly to friends and family through mobile phones. Your gift is sent to the recipient and redeemed at retailers all through the power of today's smart phones....

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Social TV Draws Developers’ Attention

Many attempts have been made to blend the electronic “hearth” of most living rooms – the television – with the computer, and Saturday’s release of the iPad may have brought us one step closer to a child-hybrid of these two lifestye home-bases.

With the massive iPad release, developers at every level of the iPhone app hierarchy are vying for ways to capitalize on the new gadget and its market share,...

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Tech Geek Myth Busted: Top Ten Ways Technology Boosts Your Social Life

In 2006, a popular study by experts at Duke University and the University of Arizona concluded new technologies have been making loners of us since 1985. Earlier this month, this theory was challenged and perhaps debunked. New technologies actually increase our social interactions, not our isolation, the Pew Internet and American Life Project found....

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Tech Meets Cycling

I ride my bicycle to work whenever possible through the scenic District of Columbia, which offers me numerous benefits. It forces me to exercise regularly, cuts down on commuting costs, is a zero emissions method of navigating the city streets (aside from manufacturing processes), and it’s much quicker door-to-door than driving through rush hour traffic....

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