Phones Smart Enough To Give Back: Mobile Micro-Volunteering

Earlier this week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt's personal seed fund TomorrowVentures was part of a $3.35 million round of financing for mobile-gifting startup Giiv. Through Giiv, you can gift directly to friends and family through mobile phones. Your gift is sent to the recipient and redeemed at retailers all through the power of today's smart phones....

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Mizzou J-School Mandates Mobile Devices for Incoming Freshman

Incoming freshman at the University of Missouri’s journalism program need to come armed with either an iPod Touch or an iPhone, based on new requirements by the school’s dean.

A statement from the University says the main purpose of the requiring the device is to give students access to downloadable lectures,...

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Academic Earth Aims at Free Universal College Education

Movies, TV shows and podcasts have been readily available online for years, and as syndicating content becomes even easier, internet users can get even almost anything online – but full college courses?

That’s the goal of Academic Earth, an online hub featuring full video lectures and entire courses from some of the nation’s top schools....

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6th Summit on Measurement Overview

Chuck and I recently attended the 6th Summit on Measurement, sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations (IPR).  This year the location was Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where the festivities began with a meet-and-greet in Strawberry Banke.  Tours of local restored houses and mansions were provided while conversation began among PR,...

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The Wired Mind: How the Internet Is Changing You

At one point in my life, I considered myself to be an avid reader. Over the years, I have noticed that my reading habits have changed — my literature agenda includes only required assignments and the occasional pleasure novel or "must read" (Malcolm Gladwell, Levitt and Dubner, unread classics). I attributed most of this to a decline in free time,...

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