The best Facebook advertising you can’t buy

Before Jimmer, the “Mexican” restaurant Café Rio held (and still holds) a special place in the heart of many current and former Jello-O Belt residents, and for good reason since it beat Chipotle, In-N-Out Burger, Chick-fil-A, and Pei Wei for the best Quick Service Restaurant in 2011.  Today, the restaurant is opening a new location in Olney,...

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A Scientific-ish Study of Bacon in Social Media

Cross post from the media measurement team at the ImpactWatch Blog


IF bacon is great THEN it will rule social media.


Bacon in the Social Media News

1. Bacon explosion – a heart-warming (burning?) recipe involving 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage....

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Top Search Chef

I'm not a fanatic of Bravo's competition show Top Chef, but my colleagues Chuck and J.W. who both sit next to me are big fans of the show.  So, in honor of the show's fifth season premiere tomorrow and the likely endless commentary that I'll overhear at work for the next few months,...

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Using Social Networking with Advertising and Marketing

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, tis the season for sweets and treats.  A newspaper article about cookies sounds like a great idea.

Stuart Elliott of the New York Times has just an article today, but not one about recipes.  It is about Pepperidge Farm, the cookie company, which is employing social networking in a new advertising campaign.  While other companies establish a presence on an existing social network site by setting up a group,...

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Super-sized Big Mac Index: A Proposal For Project Red Stripe

I have an idea for The Economist Group, which has assigned six staffers from various divisions to develop an innovative web based product for the company that can pull content from any of its properties.  They're blogging about their progress on the Project Red Stripe blog and soliciting ideas from the outside world. ...

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