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Link Roundup 6/12/07

Blogger Removed from NCAA Baseball Game for Live Blogging (via CNET): Courier-Journal staff blogger Brian Bennett was removed from an NCAA baseball game by officials who told him that "blogging from an NCAA championship event is against NCAA policies". CNET author Daniel Terdiman hit the nail on the head when he said,...

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Five Reasons Property Managers Need to Develop Better Online Programs

I am currently in the midst of the incredibly frustrating process of finding a new apartment here in DC. As I become more and more involved in this process, I am realizing that finding an apartment would be much easier if real estate and property management companies used the internet better….or if they used it at all....

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Real Estate 2.0

Here's a riddle for you: What do the Internet and the real estate market have in common? 

Answer: they're both eking all they can out of "Web 2.0" hysteria. 

Recently, we've written many entries explaining the Web 2.0 craze and how it has affected everything from social groups to newspapers to politics. ...

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