Are you a #KFCScholar? KFC Doubles Down on Twitter Promo

In case you didn’t catch it, Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering a $20,000 scholarship to a high school senior to send a tweet with the hashtag #KFCScholar about how they exemplify the Col’s commitment to education, or something. From their release:

“KFC is asking college hopefuls to tweet why they exemplify Colonel Sanders’...

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Tracking the Buzz: Facebook’s Project Titan

Since first learning of Facebook’s Project Titan, otherwise rumored to be a “Gmail Killer” last Thursday, we launched a custom instance of Slurp140 to track the buzz. With the official announcement of Facebook’s Project Titan, to begin at 1:00pm EST, we present the ‘before’ results for your enjoyment: 

With 30 minutes until launch: 8,089 total tweets by 7,533 people that referenced either the URL of the 11/11 TechCrunch article or one of the following search terms: [Project Titan” OR #projecttitan OR Gmail Killer,...

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Slurp140 & Twitter Analysis of DC Mayor’s Race- Part 1

In terms of the ability of social networks and online advertising to serve as predictors for the success or failure of candidates at the polls, the general consensus is that while the Internet alone will not necessarily predict the winner, leaving the online space to your competitor is a good way to lose money and support....

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Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington DC

The Gov2.0 Summit is going on right now in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We here at the Bivings Group were lucky enough to be able to attend the event and learn about the way new technology is impacting the future of Government.

Do you want in on the action?...

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Tracking News in Realtime: Discovery Gunman

After first noticing Tweets relating to the developing story of a gunman storming the Discovery Channel building not far from our office in Georgetown, we have launched another instance of Slurp140 dedicated to tracking all tweets using the #discovery hashtag: 

For live video, our friends at TBD have been doing an excellent job: “Live Video: Discovery Channel gunman hostage standoff”

A couple quick thoughts:

  • A picture from @jdivenerea purporting to be of the gunman has received over 27,339 views in 1 hour and 50 minutes. 
  • ...
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