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Commenting on a Conference? Blog it? No, YouTube it.

I spent some time today going through a random selection of the videos of presentations, tweets and blog commentary about the Personal Democracy Forum conference held last week in New York City.  Sort of goes from the insightful to the inane to the downright snarky.  Kind of expected.  But then I happen upon a little nugget,...

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The Kids These Days are not the Kids of Yesterday

Guest post by Alan Haburchak

It seems like there is a certain generally accepted truth about age and ideology in America: Young people are liberal and vote Democratic while the older generation tends to trend more conservative. There's even that old chestnut usually attributed to Winston Churchill: "If you're young and not a liberal you have no heart,...

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Skype Delivers Elizabeth Edwards Despite Weather

Elizabeth Edwards spoke to guests at the 2008 Personal Democracy Forum about how the internet is influencing the world of politics. But it was husband John that later stole the show with his surprise (even to him) appearance....

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