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Finding Value in Google Buzz

I’m not an early adopter of the latest tool. I’ll happily  sit back and wait for the dust to settle before I consider using any new application.

It has been my experience that this is a good practice. Most of what hits the social web usually putters and falls into obscurity....

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Tina Fey, twitter, and the Elections

Ok. I admit it.  I never really "dugg" twitter.  While I did tweet for awhile, it was simply a different way for me to update my Facebook status.  I killed two birds (not the cute twitter bird) with one stone.  I guess that composing snappy 140-character or less haikus isn't my cup of tea,...

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Update to American Idol Prediction

My predictions were absolute rubbish, it seems.  Apparently, tweets cannot be used to accurately predict who is going home from American Idol.  In fact, two of the top three positive tweet-getters were the ones that were unceremoniously in the Bottom Two.  Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson had the least votes after their performances on Tuesday night,...

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More on Comcast and Tweets

[This post is cross-posted at the ImpactWatch Blog] 

To follow up on a recent post concerning Comcast’s effort to answer consumer complaints via Twitter, I used Tweet Scan to search specifically for Comcast posts and research exactly with what we are dealing. A basic one-word search found well over 1000 tweets about Comcast within just the last couple of hours,...

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