Online petitions are a proven way for non-profits and advocacy groups to demonstrate support for the causes they care about and to grow their email lists.  Despite their prevalence, a lot of online petitions consist of little more of a few sentences of text and a sign up form.  Check out these five groups that took the time to create inventive and inspiring online petitions.

 5. R-Word

On their way to eliminating this demeaning word for the intellectually disabled, features a refreshing and easy to navigate UX that truly facilitates their mission.  A clean homepage slider and top-of-page pledge button encourage supporters to be heard, act now, and share their stories of support.  This petition goes a step further, providing news, resources and merchandise, allowing their more than 400,000 supporters to practice what they preach.


4. It Gets Better

On a mission to inspire change for LGBT youth, the It Gets Better Project has engaged the support of more than 575,000 visitors for their fun, comprehensive and informative petition.  The project’s action center allows for a range of involvement.  And while the petition’s pledge and donation options are quite standard, an impressive dual-homepage slider featuring hundreds of supporter-submitted videos is what helps this petition stand out from the crowd.




3. I work for the Internet uses a truly unique approach with their visual petition.  Band together in the fight against SOPA, visitors from around the country are given the opportunity to upload their photos and put a face to their cause.  A simple “add yourself” button utilizes a webcam plugin, allowing visitors to take a photo directly on the site.  With an uncluttered, responsive design, this petition built in tumblr gets right to the point.



2. Protect Our Waves

Determined to save the UK shoreline, Protect Our Waves utilizes a clean, simple layout and beautifully designed navigation to explain their cause and usher in a sewage-free age for the surfers of the UK.   With pre-populated social sharing and an integrated Hashtag campaign, joining the ranks of this movement couldn’t be simpler.  Stunning photography and an entirely responsive design, has earned this campaign nearly 55,000 signatures.



1. 96 Elephants

Created by the Wildlife Conservation Society, 96 Elephants is a prime example of the powerful movement an online petition can create.  With sinister theming and full-bleed graphics, this interactive microsite tells the heartbreaking story of the African Elephant.  Stunning UX allows the user to scroll through the elephants’ chaptered journey on any platform with its fully responsive styling.  Embedded social sharing and a beautifully designed Take Action bar has garnered nearly 55,000 signatures.





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