Most of my conference sessions are inspired by the real-life problems we struggle with as a firm. For this year’s DrupalCon in Nashville, I tackled a challenge that most managers face at some point – how to delegate work to their team.

Trusting your team members to take on work that you are already doing successfully is tricky for a number of reasons. You have to give up some control over how things are done. You have to set aside time to pass on information, answer questions and figure out a game plan for overseeing the work. And for those of us in technology, it can feel like you aren’t doing “real work” when you move from coding/contributing to managing.

But at the end of the day, being a manager is about bringing your employees up to your level. Delegating gives your team a chance to learn and grow, and it creates the time in your schedule to focus on strategic work.

There’s loads of advice in the presentation, but you definitely want to:

  • Delegate authority, not just work
  • Use the 70% rule
  • Be crystal clear with expectations
  • Make delegation a moving target

Watch the full presentation here –

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Hannah Del Porto
Hannah runs the day-to-day operations of the Brick Factory. She manages the company's human resources, ensures the quality and efficiency of our workflow/work and oversees the firm's finances. She can do 75 push-ups. In a row.