Data-Based Decision Making: Thoughts from WordCamp Asia

I recently presented at WordCamp Asia – the regional conference for WordPress developers – and talked about how to gather and use data to make decisions as a small-to-medium sized web development agency. Over the years, we have made countless spreadsheets and custom apps to help us capture information about our clients,...

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One month later: ten takeaways from DPM2015

Officially, our title is “strategist.”

But we do a little bit of everything: digital strategy, account management, project management.

Last month, we hopped on a train up to Philadelphia to attend Digital Project Manager Summit 2015.

We learned a lot in three days –...

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Partnering with the Innovation Works Conference

For the latest edition of SLURP140 – we partnered with the National Journal's Innovation Works Conference on Thursday July 13th. For this event, our talented designers created a custom skin for the SLURP140 tool and integrated NJ's logo. We'll be tracking both #njinnovation and #njliveevents – and will update this blog post with usage statistics after the conference....

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Crowdsourcing for Conferences:Pros & Cons

You’ve got a ballroom, VIP badges, t-shirts emblazoned with sponsors, a distinctly clever and useful Twitter hashtag, and even check-in locations for your Foursquare-loving visitors. By all accounts, you’ve got everything you need for your big industry conference. However, there’s one thing missing from this picture: content. And that is exactly where all of those hard-earned conference attendees would love to help you out....

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DCTech – A Look at Women in the DC Tech Community

DC has a vibrant entrepreneurial and information technology scene. It therefore comes as no surprise that the DC Tech meetups have been drawing as many as six hundred attendees at every get together. Not only good networking opportunities – these events are almost like job fairs/conferences – where fellow DC-techies learn about funding,...

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