New York City Courts Emerging Tech Development with New Incentives

Hoping to compete with emerging foreign markets and prevent another major industry collapse, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday the city’s launch of eight initiatives aimed and drawing and keeping new media technologies in the Big Apple.

“New York City is the media capital of the world,...

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The Race for E-Reading Intensifies

While Amazon is way ahead of the competition in the race for control over the soon-to-be billion-dollar e-reading industry, the game has just begun, and major players entering the field might make for a much more interesting battle.

Barnes and Noble, whose business has been slipping over the past decade with the increase in publishing costs and the slump in sales,...

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Why is Facebook Worth So Much?

Last October Microsoft announced a $240 million advertising investment in Facebook, which put the valuation of the social media company at about $15 billion.

While it is shockingly common to see businesses throw around dollar sums with seemingly little attention to the number of digits left of the decimal point,...

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Is UserVoice New or Recycled?

Fledging company UserVoice is attempting to provide focus groups to those companies that cannot afford focus groups.  The site's general idea is to moderate user ideas and complaints by means of formal comment boxes, polls, and ranking systems.  The three-person ‘Team UserVoice' is quoted as saying, "UserVoice adds structure to feedback and reduces the overhead of an honest dialog with our users –...

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iTunes Will Rule in 2012

Recently, I was considering trading in my broken iPod for another type of MP3 player…that is; until I ran across an article from Wired stating that I'd better hold on to at least one Apple product.

According to InStat, by 2012, 40% of all music purchased is going to come from digital music downloads. ...

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