Harry Potter, Meet your Biggest (And Most Famous) Fan

After the fifth book of the Harry Potter series was published, Francisca Solar decided JK Rowling's version of the story wasn't good enough.  She was so dissatisfied with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that the then 21 year-old Chilean journalism student decided to write her own "fanfiction"...

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Person of the Year: Me?

This weekend, Todd mentioned that Time Magazine named "You" the  person of the year.  And by "You", Time means, me, you, us, and them: all the bloggers, You-Tubers, Facebookers, and everyone else that has helped to make the Web and the world of cyber-journalism what it is today. 

I think this was a very interesting choice on the part of the magazine,...

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Exploring Enron’s Emails

After 200 of Enron's internal emails were placed in the public domain by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioned (FERC) back in 2003, innovative software company Trampoline Systems created the Enron Explorer based on their own SONAR platform. In the Enron case, SONAR was able to illustrate existing social networks and information by analyzing email content from the entire organization during the 1999-2003 time period....

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Pentagon: Milblogs a security risk

Xeni Jardin filed a report with Wired magazine to describe the new pressure placed on military bloggers, or "milbloggers" by the Department of Defense. Milblogs are written by active duty military personnel, with some directly reporting from the frontlines. Jardin notes that with the number of reporters in Iraq decreasing, milblogs are possibly the only way to get a firsthand account of ground operations in Iraq....

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