Xeni Jardin filed a report with Wired magazine to describe the new pressure placed on military bloggers, or "milbloggers" by the Department of Defense. Milblogs are written by active duty military personnel, with some directly reporting from the frontlines. Jardin notes that with the number of reporters in Iraq decreasing, milblogs are possibly the only way to get a firsthand account of ground operations in Iraq.

The controversy over blogging is thought to be representative of a culture clash between  Internet generation recruits and seasoned military personnel who are used to controlling information released to the public.

Currently, all milblogs are being reviewed by the Virginia National Guard for information thought to put military operations at greater risk. 

Currently, there are more than 1,500 active milbloggers. An annual convention (not affiliated with the DoD) is held in Washington, DC, to bring together military bloggers and explore blogging and compliance issues.

Check out Xeni's article here.