Web 2.0 Summit 2008

Though I was not in attendance at this year' Web 2.0 Summit in sunny San Francisco, most of the content is available online for anybody to check out (I love how efficiently information disseminates when you put on a convention chock full of web 2.0 nuts). Featuring some highly influential speakers including Al Gore,...

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Skype Delivers Elizabeth Edwards Despite Weather

Elizabeth Edwards spoke to guests at the 2008 Personal Democracy Forum about how the internet is influencing the world of politics. But it was husband John that later stole the show with his surprise (even to him) appearance....

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Hyperactive Mark Pesce at the Personal Democracy Forum

Another one of the presentations that I’d like to highlight from the Personal Democracy Forum is the one by Mark Pesce, who is currently an honorary professor at the University of Sydney.  I was glad that Pesce decided to make the trip because his speech was by far my favorite of the two-day forum. ...

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An Interview with the Blogger In Chief at the National Association of Manufacturers

It is just sort of a fact that very few trade associations blog.  One of the few that does is the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), whose blog is called

Not only does NAM blog, it does so very effectively.  What makes work is that it is written by real live human beings who have opinions. ...

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