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WordPress vs. Drupal: Which Platform is Right for Your Organization?

Selecting a Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most critical decisions organizations can make about their web program. Mistakes can be costly, leading to wasted time and money. Whether it’s time to rebuild your existing website, or you’re starting something new from the ground up, you’ll be quick to discover (or be reminded) that the vast majority of the web is generally powered by only a handful of technology platforms....

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How We Built the New Brick Factory Website

We started working on a new Brick Factory website last Summer and made steady progress throughout the Fall and early 2024.  In late January it was clear that we were almost finished, so I joked that we should launch the website on Valentine’s Day as a gift for our Chief Creator Officer,...

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Doctor, Heal Thyself: A Preview of our New Website

All consulting companies struggle to find the right balance between doing work for clients and doing work for themselves. When you are fully booked with paid projects, it is difficult to find the time to update your own blog, redesign your own website, etc. 

For me, the other challenge is that I have always found it easier to do work for other people than for myself. ...

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Brick Factory Presents: Holiday Traditions from Around the World

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Our Holiday Bucket List

It’s that time of year where we count our good fortune for the great clients we have and good work we’ve done in the last 12 months but also to look at some of our employees’ holiday bucket list items because that’s a thing people do, according to an exhaustive search while on hold with Verizon last week.

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