Exploring Enron’s Emails

After 200 of Enron's internal emails were placed in the public domain by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioned (FERC) back in 2003, innovative software company Trampoline Systems created the Enron Explorer based on their own SONAR platform. In the Enron case, SONAR was able to illustrate existing social networks and information by analyzing email content from the entire organization during the 1999-2003 time period....

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Stanford Law Students To Advise Election Day Bloggers

The Center for Citizen Media is currently collecting bloggers' questions in order to publish a comprehensive legal guide to blogging election day. Student Fellows from Stanford Law's Center for the Internet and Society will be tasked with answering those questions, ensuring that those planning on covering the elections will understand state laws that would affect how bloggers can report on November 7th....

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