The Center for Citizen Media is currently collecting bloggers' questions in order to publish a comprehensive legal guide to blogging election day.portalrow2col3.jpg Student Fellows from Stanford Law's Center for the Internet and Society will be tasked with answering those questions, ensuring that those planning on covering the elections will understand state laws that would affect how bloggers can report on November 7th.

The site provides a few examples on what bloggers can't do when covering the polls:

  • In Delaware, bloggers can't hang around the voting area unless they are specifically there to vote.
  • In Rhode Island, bloggers can't ask a voter how they voted if they are within 50 ft. of the polling area.  
  • Bloggers in California can't record voters entering or exiting the polling areas. That means no snapping pics with the cameraphone or taking video footage to upload on YouTube.

You can submit your questions on legal blogging behavior on Election Day here.