The Internet and the Presidential Election

The Internet provides the government, media, and various other groups with a convenient medium by which to communicate and ultimately influence people. The expediency of the Internet facilitates the prompt composition and delivery of an email instead of performing the more arduous and expensive task of letter writing. The Internet has even demonstrated its usefulness in financial transactions –...

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Saving Face on the Internet

Now that the Memorial Day weekend is behind us, the election year mudslinging will undoubtedly begin to ramp up. For me, this is always an amusing and disheartening phenomenon of political life in the United States – judging the worthiness of an individual based on either juicy speculation or on the defamation of the rival’s character....

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Ten Rich Media Ad Formats That Are Powering Online Advertising

The interactive advertising industry is being driven by a number of rich media formats and technologies that promise to break through the clutter and garner the audience’s attention. These ad formats and technologies enable advertisers to enhance the user’s experience (and thus their brand) through interactivity, streaming video, animation, and sound....

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Forbes Gets Farked? ESPN States the Obvious!

Every single site on the Internet seems to be running an online poll these days. Read a story online and you will probably be asked to cast some sort of inane vote about the content of the story you just read. “Do you think Saddam Hussein sleeps in full military dress?”...

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