The Glorious Return of Point-and-Click Gaming

Despite the constant emergence of new technology, old trends still reappear from time to time to remind us all that some times the best things were in the past.  The glorious return of point-and-click adventure games to console gaming marks one of these occasions.

I used to absolutely love point-and-click games for my first computer. ...

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Tip: Updating Copyright Information on your Website

Just about every professionally done website you visit includes a copyright date at the bottom of the page. Every January you see websites that forget to update the year in their copyright statement. Many actually fall years behind before catching it and updating the dates. Above is an example of this phenomenon from the website of the Democratic National Committee....

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The web is making it easier to be an American soccer fan

Let’s face it… soccer has been a flop in the United States, especially when compared to, well, the rest of the known world, where it’s more-or-less religion. The country isn’t totally devoid of fans though. Those who do care seem to be pretty hardcore. Luckily for the Americans that do follow “the beautiful game,” the internet offers whatever you need to get your soccer,...

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Presidential SEO

Since Todd and Tom have recently critiqued Barack Obama's presidential website — apparently in its Blue Period — I was also thinking about the design of 2008 presidential candidate sites.

As someone with a search engine optimization (SEO) background, I probably focus a little bit more on title tags and anchor link text when evaluating a site than a someone who looks at the pretty pictures (or the lack thereof)....

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Gannett Rolling Out New Design for Local News Sites

A friend of mine works for Gannett, which owns USA Today and heaps of local newspapers and TV stations throughout the country. Well, most of the local sites are horrible at the very least. However, the company is in the process of rolling out new designs across their network.

The Desert Sun site from Palm Springs,...

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