Web 2.0

Top 10 Ways Trade Associations Can Employ New Media Techniques

As a whole, Washington-based trade associations aren’t known for their innovative Internet strategies. The big secret about trade associations is that they have a lot to offer the Internet community – most have great stockpiles of content and staffers who are genuine experts in their fields. And a big part of a trade association’s mission is to serve as an information resource on their industry....

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Diving into Online Storage

Like a lot of people, I work from multiple computers. I have a personal laptop, a work laptop, and randomly find myself using different machines when going to meetings, traveling or visiting friends and family. So I have a problem getting files from one machine to another. I have a flash drive I use on occasion,...

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Google Finance (cont’d)

To follow up on Todd’s post below, I went to Google Finance and typed in HP, looking for the stock activity and news for the Hewlett-Packard Company. Look what I got.

1. Stock graph is for the contract oil driller Helmerich & Payne, but the news items on the right are about Hewlett-Packard (HP)....

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Language Problem at WashingtonPost.com

There’s an article in Monday’s online Washington Post about the cherry blossom festival and the need for Japanese speakers to help out with increasing number of tourists from Japan. The picture is my son, Renny, who’s fluent in Japanese. But that’s not the point of this post. What’s interesting is when you look at the blogs that have commented on the article....

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Visit Newsvine Now

In Gary’s post about “The Wisdom of Crowds” he referenced Newsvine, a social news site that was in private Beta mode at the time. Well, it went live Thursday and it looks very promising.

The site’s news is fueled by wire feeds such as AP, but also allows users to “seed”...

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