Responsive Images in WordPress

There was once a time, not that long ago, where a website’s content was almost entirely text. Images existed, but were not nearly as prominent as they are in our post-Bootstrap world. In the time between these eras there have been major evolutions on how images can, and arguably should,...

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Preventative Maintenance: The Key to Keeping Your Website Healthy and Safe

Life is full of things we do because we have to. Trips to the DMV.  Jury duty.  Paying taxes. Dental appointments.  Oil changes.  These things are no fun.  But as painful and tedious as these tasks are, the consequences of not doing them are far worse.  

Spending $50 and an hour of your life getting an oil change sucks.  ...

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Do you need a Content Management System?

Almost all the sites we build at The Bivings Group these days use Content Management Systems (we usually use Drupal or WordPress).  However, we do occasionally build old fashioned static sites when we know a site isn’t going to be updated that often and/or it is design heavy and we’ll be charged with managing it. ...

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Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Many of our readers are well aware that we use WordPress as the CMS platform for a number of our clientele. We thus thought it would be fun to compile a list of our favorite WordPress plugins. ...

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WordPress 2.6 Looks Like a Significant Improvement

We just recently finished updating most of the WordPress sites we maintain to WordPress 2.5, so our normal process would be to monitor for security issues and wait a bit before upgrading again.  However, in reviewing the features of WordPress 2.6 we may have to make an exception and upgrade sooner rather than later. ...

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