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The best Facebook advertising you can’t buy

Before Jimmer, the “Mexican” restaurant Café Rio held (and still holds) a special place in the heart of many current and former Jello-O Belt residents, and for good reason since it beat Chipotle, In-N-Out Burger, Chick-fil-A, and Pei Wei for the best Quick Service Restaurant in 2011.  Today, the restaurant is opening a new location in Olney,...

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Top Ten Most Engaging Magazines on Facebook

In comparing the Facebook pages of the top 86 magazines by circulation, while those with the highest circulations generally had the highest number of Facebook fans, much like our newspaper study this presents a problem when trying to quantify engagement. In short, how do you avoid biasing your results towards magazines with a small,...

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Wanted: Official Representative of the Internet, on Facebook

Attn: Sir Tim Berners-Lee and / or Al Gore

If you haven’t caught it, Nick O’Neill’s 11/8 post  Facebook Now Letting Brands Claim Community Pages  details how Facebook is now letting brands claim community pages as their own, which in most cases is a good idea- especially for non-profits.  ...

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Winning the U.S. Senate Social Media Election- CA, IL, NV, WA, WV Edition

Since our 2006 report on the quality and content of campaign websites, we have seen a marked improvement across the board in sites that incorporate multimedia content, personal fundraising, the Spanish language, and of course, candidate presences on social networking websites. With the 2010 midterm elections just a week away,...

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New Facebook Groups- What They Mean for Your Clients

When it comes to social media presence, in our experience the needs of our clients are as varied as their topics. Some are looking to inform or motivate their fans to take a certain action while others might have a more insular focus. It is for the more niche clients that the recent changes to Facebook groups may be more important....

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