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New Facebook Game Makes You the Candidate, for Dog Catcher!

As someone who has blocked Farmville / Mafia Wars /Texas Hold’em Poker and defriened anyone with the audacity to send more than one invite, when I first learned of Campaigns the Game, a new Facebook application that allows users to “compete in online virtual elections,” I was skeptical but intrigued....

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@Safeway:You MUST Like This Page to Continue vs. Like @NissanEVs LEAF & Plant a Tree

In the last two days Safeway and Nissan have launched  unique Facebook landing pages that take different approaches to accomplish similar objectives. Playing off two very different motivations, both companies want your profile information and status updates in exchange for delivering a reward.  In this case, money or karma. Winning the award for the most aggressive approach is Safeway’s landing page promoting a $100 Memorial Day gift card giveaway....

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Digsby Launches Chatroulette for Facebook

Digsby has created a new Facebook application allowing you to “video chat with all your Facebook friends for the first time ever right from the Facebook website and post screenshots of your ChatVille adventures to Facebook albums.” If you are not already using it, Digsby is the best all in one instant messaging platform out there. While I prefer to use TweetDeck to manage my own as well as our company social networking channels, the ability to integrate Gchat and Windows Messenger into one application (as well as AIM, Yahoo and ICQ, but who uses those anymore?!?) and to then create custom groupings of friends, coworkers and clients is especially convenient. Thankfully we have already covered Chatroulette but after receiving the pop-up notification from Digsby, (great potential for advertising?) I decided that in the interests of science, I would sign up. After acquiescing to the mandatory Facebook soul privacy-signing-away, I was ready to go:

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Reclaim your Facebook Privacy

Matt Pizzimenti is concerned about how Facebook’s privacy policies and settings have evolved over the last little bit; that is why he started the ReclaimPrivacy project.  He has created an application that people can easily use after they login into their Facebook account. 

The application scans their privacy settings and provides alerts about several settings that one can use to hide various aspects of their account from anyone’s view. ...

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Facebook Chat-A Window to Your Soul!

If you have been online at all today, you probably noticed that for most of the morning, Facebook chat was “down for maintenance.”  If you inquired further or happened to be following TechCrunch you were probably astonished to find out that the reason Facebook chat was down was because of a:

”Major security flaw in the social networking site that,...

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