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U.S. Senate v. Facebook, John Stewart v. Apple, Google v. All

Given the information overload of social media and technology stories this week, for company with bad news to drop, today would be a particularly good day.

Monday: U.S. States Senate vs. Facebook.

Adding to the confusion and buzz surrounding Facebook’s latest unannounced, and mostly unrequested overhaul of their 3rd party site integration / instant personalization or “Open Graph API,”...

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Tiger Text: Sometimes the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others.

Trying to hide shenanigans? There's an app for that.

For those of us prone to fits of word vomit, a new application eliminates the possibility of your text messages coming back to haunt you later. (After all, not all of us have the ability to organize a television mea culpa.)

For a fee,...

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Seven Problems With the New iPhone

The other day I came across this little number by Christopher Null of Yahoo!, discussing seven legitimate issues with Apple's latest version of the iPhone. And there's in-fact more than that.

A while back, I talked about whether waiting for the newest run of Apple's showpiece mobile device was worth it....

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Is Appleā€™s new 3G iPhone worth waiting for?

3G smart phone options abound, as Apple gets set to unveil its 3G solution at its Worldwide Developers Conference June 9, according to analysts. But with all the pub the iPhone gets, you’d think it was the only game in town. Not so.

There are some excellent alternatives to the iPhone,...

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