tigertext Trying to hide shenanigans? There's an app for that.

For those of us prone to fits of word vomit, a new application eliminates the possibility of your text messages coming back to haunt you later. (After all, not all of us have the ability to organize a television mea culpa.)

For a fee, the sender is able to determine the length of time the recipient is able to retain the message before it is permanently deleted from both users’ phones and the server they exist on. Features even include a super-spy style "delete on read" setting.

Similar to the advent of the pager (which used primarily for medical industry), it is only so long before a private sector communication device becomes available to the general public.

While I could understand the usefulness of an application such as this for incredibly sensitive business materials, I'm wondering about the legal and social ramifications this could bring. Clearly, while this aids in maintaining privacy, the function could lead to less honorable people being able to deceive. Then again, if you have ever texted someone after the hours of midnight, you could wake up praying for a do-over.

The appropriately (or unfortunately) named product, called Tiger Text is available for iPhone, BlackBerry and the Android. The creator, Jeffrey Evans claims that the name was in place before the Tiger Woods infidelity (and texting) scandal broke last fall.

For people who aren't fans of their words being taken out of context or being used against you later (I'm looking at you, Mel Gibson), your day has come. While I'm certain that nothing is ever truly deleted anywhere, have fun while you can.

In other words? There is no way this could not end badly.