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Should I vote for a friend while divulging my personal information?

Earlier this week, I got a mass e-mail from a friend asking all of us to vote for one of her food blog recipes (which looks delicious, by the way) in a competition.  In the past, I have gladly voted for her blog and recipes, but in those cases, I did not have to add an app to my Facebook account or provide any personal information. ...

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Reclaim your Facebook Privacy

Matt Pizzimenti is concerned about how Facebook’s privacy policies and settings have evolved over the last little bit; that is why he started the ReclaimPrivacy project.  He has created an application that people can easily use after they login into their Facebook account. 

The application scans their privacy settings and provides alerts about several settings that one can use to hide various aspects of their account from anyone’s view. ...

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Facebook Chat-A Window to Your Soul!

If you have been online at all today, you probably noticed that for most of the morning, Facebook chat was “down for maintenance.”  If you inquired further or happened to be following TechCrunch you were probably astonished to find out that the reason Facebook chat was down was because of a:

”Major security flaw in the social networking site that,...

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Medical Openness in Social Media

As social networking sites and technologies have flourished over the last few years, there has been much discussion about privacy today.  It is not that uncommon for people to provide updates about their personal lives on their Facebook accounts or Twitter feeds.  They talk about if they are sick, have a crush on somebody,...

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